The Essentials to a Good Website

Having covered good and bad websites now in lectures and tutorials it seems to me that the essential keys to a good website is simple….does it annoy you to be on the site, well then if so thats not good.

To say that I myself am obsessed with the internet would be a true statement, the world wide web dominates a big part of my life as both a student with a major in media but also as a 21 years old girl with a smart phone and laptop.

I spend a lot of time browsing the internet, on different topics for example at the moment I am looking at MA programmes around Ireland (Frighteningly enough) and I am stumbling into different websites some are great some not so great. I think the key is that the information has to be filtered, only needed info included on each page. A website is not like an academic essay where one has room to waffle, strictly no waffles around here.



So moral of the story, keep is short and keep it sweet, pick friendly colours not like yellow font colour and your website should be successful.


Media? What jobs are in that?

The digital age like the industrial revolution in the 1700’s has brought a lot of complications to our lives but has also contributed positively with the huge wealth of jobs and opportunities for people that take an interest in Media and like the idea of working in that filed.


The evolution of social media has contributed hugely to the abundance of jobs in the media field. Most companies and organizations hire people to take care of all social media projects and advertising for the company. Now a days every office seems to have a Social Media Guy or Girl.


This is an exciting prospect for any student studying media, I being one of these, it makes the prospect of finding a job after graduation less daunting as jobs are being created in my filed every single day.


Edward Snowden? The wiki leaks guy isn’t it? 

The title of this blog post is some thing I hear a lot and it drives me crazy. In the age of digital media it’s important that we educate ourselves on the dangers of giving away our information but also how people can take our information without us knowing.

Edward Snowden worked for the NSA in America and discovered major vulnerbilities in their information systems but more startling the information that they could access and where holding on record. He proved the fear we all had, that no matter what big brother is always watching you.

Snowden after fleeing America after he had been accused of treason to his country left to live in Russia. The popular comic John Oliver went to visit Snowden in Moscow, in one of this very few interviews. John Oliver’s reaction is hilarious when he realizes he has actually showed up. Snowden is a Mark Zuckerberg type of tech wizard obnoxious and can be quite crude at times but you can’t say he doesn’t know what he is talking about.


*Disclaimer strong language, fit for a mature audience*



In the interview he outlines exactly what the U.S government can access from pictures you send in private messages, your emails, your call and text logs, google searches they can get an intense understanding as to who you are without knowing or having any reason to know.

That’s what scares me the most. Granted in Ireland we seem to be pretty safe as we don’t have a massive security infrastructure like the NSA or the FBI but still it makes me think just how naïve we are in the 21st century and this is meant to be age where we are the most educated.

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Sher do culchies even have the internet?

In this weeks lecture we talked about cyber ethics, and a topic which came up from that was Digital Divide. Basically this term defines the contrast between people who have access to technology and those who don’t have as much i.e young people vs old people and how this puts those who don’t have as much access at a disadvantage. In Ireland however the digital divide is more of a bogger versus townie issue. Not to make this too personal but for me this something I have to deal with every day.



I have a view from my kitchen window I know some people would envy, living in rural Ireland defiantly has its pros. However being in a house whereby loading an episode on Netflix consists of refreshing the page constantly, asking other people to stop using the wifi and finally coming to the conclusion it can wait until Sunday when I get back to college, is a sure sign that the digital divide in Ireland is affecting rural households. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I would scrap the view outside my kitchen window for substantial broadband speed.

Every time a new government comes into power its always the same “We will make broadband access in rural Ireland a priority!”, “Lets bring rural Ireland into the 21st Century!” but no as most things in my opinion empty promises. An Irish Times Article back in November released figures from a survey from Irish comparison site called that some rural areas the broadband speed is 36 times slower than those in the cities and towns. So much for the National Broadband Plan (NBP) which has been launched since 2012.

Now you might be wondering why is this a government issue shouldn’t the broadband companies be taking care of this issue but as outline in the NBP the plan was that the government would handle most areas and provide the infrastructure needed. You can see these areas by checking out the map in this link that I am going to provide and if you are wondering why your broadband is so slow in your area it may be orange. Thats the colour the NBP is taking care of.

Find map here



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Illegally Downloading, why so illegal? 




With the recent surge in popularity with services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and music services like Spotify it is easy to say that we have begun to pay for the content we consume. Something which wasn’t so common amongst users of the Internet 14, 15 years ago. This causes me to ask myself what’s changed? Is that we are a richer society? Or is it that we are scared of taking risks?

Last week in class we discussed Napster and Pirate Bay and how these websites got shot down after years and years of blatantly ignoring copyright enfringememt laws. Granted Napster, underwent plenty of changes before it finally closed down but it’s original set up was to give the people what they felt they deserved which was the ability to download and store music as they pleased. Huge plus for the people, not so much for the artists and producers who make a living from the content they produce. 

Hey don’t get me wrong some of the prices for albums, singles, DVDs etc. can all be extremely costly especially for students who are not earning. But I myself feel that if the artists and film makers mad an agreement with the stores to give discounts to those who can’t afford the content it may lessen the problem.

The question shouldn’t be why do people break the law by illegally downloading movies and music but more so why do they feel that they have to break the law in the first place.
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Copyright, check yo self before you express yo self!





So in last weeks tutorial we where asked to research copyright cases and then present them to the class. I always get excited when I get the opportunity to tap into a new discipline like like business or law, it means I get to put all the skills that I have learned from binge watching “The People Vs OJ Simpson!” to the test. Granted copyright cases rarely have anything to do with double homicide, however it can still be fun.

One case I really enjoyed reading about and found so interesting was a case involving Pixar and a Norwegian Lamp company who where the original designers of the iconic squeaky little lamp who is in the opening to each Pixar movie. The Lamp has been the company’s logo since 1986 but in 2009 they decided to start selling knock off’s of the lamp this was when the original manufacturers drew the line and filed a lawsuit under trademark infringement.


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Obviously the lamp is a pretty regular looking lamp, for instance if I myself was asked to draw a lamp I would attempt a similar design. I’m sure IKEA have one in 5 different colors and the estimated construction time is 45 minutes but we all know it will take in and around that to find the instructions written in English.

Pixar went too far by selling a knock off version of the Luxo lamp, that is clear to see however cases like this scare me as soon all rights reserved will be repeated after each spoken sentence. To finish on a lighter note here is the little lamp in action.

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Back with a Swing!

People, young and old always tell me how lucky I am to be in a course that facilitates a year out within the 4 year bachelors degree. I am studying New Media & English and for the past two semesters I have been off campus, not alone this but out of the Country. I spent 5 months living an hour outside Barcelona and teaching English in a camp for Spanish teenagers to learn and improve their English. I then went on Erasmus in Salzburg, Austria.

Now I’m back, back into my 6th Semester of college and I honestly feel like I need the first 7 weeks people around to hold my hand. I feel like it has just all become so intense and this new term “F.Y.P” is like a vicious storm looming in the distance but approaching, fast!

I am not complaining about the fantastic year I have spent abroad if anything I feel that it is helping me cope much better with the stress and pressures of the final leg of my undergraduate degree. It has also helped me to figure out what I want to focus on in my degree and what career I want to pursue when I finish.

The reason I choose “Writing for the Media” is because Media is defiantly the side of my degree I would like to get a job in. I have always wanted to start up a blog but felt that I never had any material that was interesting enough to generate followers and to keep readers interested, I also never had the confidence in my writing abilities to construct a successful blog. However after now spending two semesters abroad and travelling to various cities around Europe I finally have the material that I need, I hope that this module will give me the skills and the confidence to finally put my finger tips to work.